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“Aleister and Me”

(from the Eidolons of Ash) When I wrote my essay on Aleisterianism, I was motivated by the understanding that all spiritual systems are artificial (although they are meant to reflect the natural). They are constructed to help mediate the relationship between … Continue reading

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Dear God, you seriously believe this tripe? Why we need a Thelemic Reformation.

In 2007 I visited a friend in Austin, Texas, who is the master of OTO‘s Scarlet Woman Lodge, to inquire about joining OTO and EGC. While visiting with him and other members of the lodge, I began to talk with a … Continue reading

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Does Thelema need an ecclesiastical hierarchy? (with my thoughts on how Crowley got it wrong)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. This is an expansion of a discussion I began on Twitter. I posited the following open question: Do you believe that there is an actual need for an ecclesiastical hierarchy … Continue reading

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