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L. Ron Hubbard’s ONLY INDEPENDENT Interview (Parts 1-4)


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The Aleister Crowley/Scientology Connection

The Hubbard is Bare: Chapter 7-Aleister Crowley Hubbard had clear connections to the occult. Even in the first publication of dianetics in “Astounding Science Fiction“, Hubbard in explaining how he did his “research” into what the mind was doing, says … Continue reading

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Does Thelema need an ecclesiastical hierarchy? (with my thoughts on how Crowley got it wrong)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. This is an expansion of a discussion I began on Twitter. I posited the following open question: Do you believe that there is an actual need for an ecclesiastical hierarchy … Continue reading

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Scientology Auditing Procedure: R2-45 (or two shots to the back of the head with a .45)

“R2-45: AN ENORMOUSLY EFFECTIVE PROCESS FOR EXTERIORIZATION BUT ITS USE IS FROWNED UPON BY THIS SOCIETY AT THIS TIME.” —L. Ron Hubbard, The Creation of Human Ability (all caps as per the original)  From R2-45 is a Scientology auditing process … Continue reading

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Does the IRS control Scientology, or is the opposite true? You decide.

“I hereby declare Scientology to be non-political and non-ideological. …The reason for this declaration is…the efforts of [the United States] government…to seize Scientology in the United States… . Scientology is for a free people and is itself on this date … Continue reading

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