Dear God, you seriously believe this tripe? Why we need a Thelemic Reformation.

In 2007 I visited a friend in Austin, Texas, who is the master of OTO‘s Scarlet Woman Lodge, to inquire about joining OTO and EGC. While visiting with him and other members of the lodge, I began to talk with a gentleman who is a bishop in Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica. I spoke with him about my interest in joining OTO and other topics regarding Thelema. He was very knowledgeable and claimed to be the authority on Enochian magic (I am giving you a clue as to who this individual may be). He is “fluent” in the tongue of John Dee and claimed to be a student of a Voodoo mambo in New Orleans, Louisiana. I do not doubt these claims, because I have no reason to doubt them. However other assertions he made during our conversation made me seriously question not only my desire to participate in OTO, but the sanity of its leadership.

This gentleman continued to tell me about is esoteric pursuits and how he was obtaining a degree in religious studies at the University of Texas at Austin. At the time he was also thinking about continuing his education so that he could teach esoteric studies at UT. I applaud his desire and hope he succeeds, but this is where reality left us and we took a turn down the path of the absurd. He told me that not only had he succeeded in summoning a demon, but he had succeeded in summon all 72 demons of the Goetia. I almost punched myself in the face when I heard him say this. You have to be kidding me? A 7th degree member of OTO and a bishop in the EGC claiming that he had summoned the demons of the Goetia in his living room and people were actually listening? In fact, they all were listening and asking him questions. I just wanted to ask him one thing: what are you smoking, buddy, and where do I get some? This the exact type of superstitious nonsense that needs to be purged from the Thelemic community. It is the exact reason why a religious hierarchy is harmful to the propagation of the Law. The masses listened to one of their leaders, a so-called “expert” in his field and a theocrat, blatantly lie to their faces.

But there is hope because the “law is for all.” This does not mean that it has to be watered down or even democratized. It does not also mean that the least common denominator should rule. It means that “every man and every woman is a star” and should rule their own universe in accordance to the principles they best see fit. They should not have to take the leave of anyone else to practice Thelema or be lied to in that pursuit.

Sacerdotal power and secret knowledge, which are dubiously related to doctrines in Christianity, are a means by which the oligarchs of OTO and EGC can control their followers. If a true transformation of the bread and wine occurs during the Gnostic Mass then it must have a serious spiritual character to it and is therefore a necessary part of one’s journey to and across the Abyss. If this is the case then only those authorized to make the transformation occur possess the power to lead others through their own spiritual progression. This is very dangerous and is a means of control and coercion. The Catholic Church of the Middle Ages used its sacerdotal power to twist the arms of secular leaders into doing their bidding. In the same way this reserved power of the EGC’s clergy is destructive, and in my view, regressive. It leads us deeper into slavery rather than away from it. By claiming an exclusive right to perform a necessary ritual they have the means by which they can oppress and coerce their followers. I doubt the existence of any type of transubstantiation or sacerdotal power held by a select class of individuals. I believe that we all have power within us to transmutate flesh into gold and perform the Great Work or Summum Bonum of the alchemical arts. No exterior power is necessary other than that which lies within us.

I do not want to ridicule the man who made the claims about his summoning abilities, I just want to point out that this man was a leader in the EGC and a bone fide liar. Not only was he lying to his parishioners but they were eating it up. I thought that Thelema was supposed to destroy the idols of the past not relish them, but I guess I was wrong. As I have said in other posts, serious practitioners of Thelema, those of us actually dedicated to our True Wills, need to call for a general reformation of what constitutes this philosophy and shed the baggage that comes along with silly occult claims and practices.

…72 Goetic demons, GIVE ME A BREAK!

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3 Responses to Dear God, you seriously believe this tripe? Why we need a Thelemic Reformation.

  1. Alastair says:

    “I almost punched myself in the face when I heard him say this.”

    I concur. The notion that order must be imposed and the masses controlled by the few is archaic and regrettable. It only leads to corruption. If each was master of his true will, star of his universe, then order would be natural, not imposed. Or such is my assumption.

    As a recent subscriber, I am thoroughly enjoying your works here.

    ALLEY M.

  2. Wow, amazing post! I am in the beginning processes of becoming a Thelemite and I am also from Texas (El Paso) so I know I will be venturing out to Austin sometime when I get my Minerval. I am browsing your blog and I really like it. Thank you so much!

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