Does the IRS control Scientology, or is the opposite true? You decide.

“I hereby declare Scientology to be non-political and non-ideological. …The reason for this declaration is…the efforts of [the United States] government…to seize Scientology in the United States… . Scientology is for a free people and is itself on this date declared free of any political connection or allegiance of any kind whatever.”- L. Ron Hubbard, HCO Policy letter of 10 January 1968, Politics, Freedom From

Pro-Control of Scientology by IRS:

Pro-Scientology blackmailing the IRS:

The first site provides a good read, however I have heard reports (*see attached YouTube video) that the IRS was blackmailed into granting the Church of Scientology tax exempt status. I personally believe the latter is more plausible, but the Pro-IRS control crowd makes a good case. Investigate and make your own conclusions (at your own risk!).

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